实拍两车主路怒互相报复 前车一个动作让后车追悔莫及

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实拍两车主路怒互相报复 前车一个动作让后车追悔莫及 ~

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How to make your neighborhood more magical – add fish to your open street gutters

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It’s not only clean, but it’s beautiful as well.

This photo of a residential neighborhood in the Shizuoka town of Fujinomiya has been causing a stir online. Shizuoka is a beautiful prefecture that includes iconic landmarks such as Mt. Fuji, but this snapshot making its way around the Japanese Internet has nothing to do with famously glorious mountains.

What makes the image so stunning is the ability to find beauty in a street gutter and the idea of fish casually living in it. To understand how this is possible, it’s necessary for a crash course on gutters in Japan.

For anyone who has traveled to the country, you might have heard the term “gaijin (foreigner) trap” when speaking of these open drains. That’s because for many people, they’re nasty holes one can easily fall into while either walking, maneuvering a bike, or driving a motor vehicle.

▼ No one is safe from this menace!

5464535517_5cb6f38f14_bFlickr/Travis Sanders

As this open gutter is a drain for runoff water and snow to move through, they’re not always filled. But with exceptional or steady rainfall, they become concrete streams that twist and flow through Japanese neighborhoods. The sound of passing water can be considered calming to some, and with the addition of a dozen or so koi, those dastardly hazards become a tranquil scene of beauty and relaxation to be captured and posted on the Internet.

Fujinomiya seems to have especially clean gutters, since they’re clean enough for koi to be kept in, just like in the above picture. The fish are kept in a specific section of the gutters through the careful placement of netting. Koi are sturdy fish that can often live in many climates and not the most ideal water conditions, but this aquatic habitat is nothing but pristine. And ff these joyous fish still don’t sooth your racing heart, perhaps you need a lesson in relaxation from some of the Earth’s other serene animals.

Source, image: Twitter/@gooitch




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在人们在野外雪地上多次发现不明神秘生物脚印后,终于,国家地理杂志的摄影师Barrett Hedges拍摄到了该神秘生物的影像!

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Man who stabbed Japanese idol over 20 times convicted of crime, sentenced to prison

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Victim of horrific attack testifies at trial.

Last May, then-20-year-old idol singer Mayu Tomita was attacked by Tomohiro Iwazaki, a 28-year-old man who had become upset when the performer returned gifts he had sent her and was unresponsive to his social media advances. Prior to a scheduled concert, Iwazaki confronted Tomita in-person about the rejection and, unsatisfied with her response, proceeded to stab her with a folding knife more than 20 times in the neck, chest, arms, and back.

Tomita spent several days in a coma before finally regaining consciousness. On February 28, a verdict was reached in Iwazaki’s trial, which was administered by Tokyo’s Tachikawa District Court.

Tomita herself testified at the trial, making her statements from behind a screen. She insisted that Iwazaki was not a fan, but a stalker. She explained that while she survived the attack, her mouth remains partially paralyzed, making it difficult for her to eat or sing, and expressed her fear that her life remains in danger from Iwazaki. “He will definitely do the same thing again. He must not be allowed to go free…If he does not get his way, he will kill. He will resent me, and come to kill me.”

Iwazaki interrupted Tomita’s testimony on multiple occasions, shouting both “Then just kill me already!” and “It’s not like I was going to kill you.” His outbursts eventually led the authorities to order him removed from the courtroom.

In previous statements, Iwazaki insisted that though he purchased the knife one week before the attack, his actions were not premeditated, saying that he bought it as a sort of “psychological omamori,” or good-luck charm. When asked why he stabbed Tomita, he told questioners “I don’t know. I felt like she was rejecting me, which made me feel an absolute sadness, and anger.” Iwazaki also claimed that after stabbing Tomita repeatedly, he asked her if she wanted to live, and when she said she did, he called the paramedics.

The prosecution, however, asserted that Iwazaki’s actions show a definite degree of premeditation behind the attack, and sought a sentence of 17 years of imprisonment for the defendant. The final judgement was slightly more lenient, though, and in the end a 14-year, 6-month prison sentence has handed down for the stalker, with the presiding judge declaring “There is no room for tolerating the motive [Iwazaki] had to carry out the attack. It took away [Tomita’s] dreams, and he must learn to control himself and abide by society’s rules while he is in prison.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Otakomu, NHK World, The Japan Times via Anime News Network
Top image: Karaoke Training



Spring comes to McDonald’s Japan in the form of a sakura-flavored dessert!

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It’s time to look forward to a taste of Spring — with the “McFlurry Crunchy Sakura“!!

After the winter cold, it’s now time to anticipate the coming of warmer weather, and of course the beautiful sakura cherry blossoms. The food industry is certainly no exception to this Japanese obsession, and this year McDonald’s Japan has joined the annual cherry blossom frenzy with their own sakura-flavored McFlurry!

Named the McFlurry Crunchy Sakura (McFlurry Sakusaku Sakura), the dessert is a delightful concoction of soft serve ice cream and a special sauce inspired by the traditional Japanese confection  sakura mochi, a popular spring-time treat consisting of  pink mochi rice cake with sweet red bean paste in the center, wrapped on the outside with a pickled sakura leaf.


The sauce includes pieces of salt-pickled cherry leaves to give it a genuine sakura mochi flavor, and they’ve also added crushed pink waffle cone pieces for a bit of crunchy texture to compliment the creaminess of the ice cream. Additionally served in a special sakura design cup, the dessert serves the essence of sakura in appearance, taste and fragrance.

Yup, Japan just can’t seem to get enough of that sakura flavor. The treat is available now until early April at McDonald’s stores across Japan for 290 yen (US$2.60) a cup. If you’re visiting Japan and want a slightly early taste of Spring, this may be the perfect seasonal dessert, and one that’s affordable too. Oh, and if you find the weather still a bit chilly,  you can go to McDonald’s with your friends and get hot coffee at a discount with their “Drink Together Discount” Campaign.  We’re sure a cup of coffee will go extremely well with the creamy and crunchy sakura-flavored McFlurry!

Source, images: Digital PR Platform press release, McDonald’s Japan press release
Images: McDonald’s Japan press release (edited by RocketNews24)




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逃避可耻但有用二胡拉这首歌我也真是服了 《恋》 by 依琳

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Japanese company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams!

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Japanese company aims to provide women with a “high-spec” man of their dreams thanks to their rigorous testing and exacting standards (no mention of looks or personality).

Some Japanese women feel they have a difficult time finding acceptable suitors, with in certain cases might have something to do with their expectations. In the past, surveys have shown  the importance of a romantic partner’s salary in the minds of many single women, but criteria such as a lofty academic background and a high income can be hard to identify at a glance. However, for those looking for a solution to that problem, the company Ikinari Date (meaning “sudden date”) may be just the thing.

Ikinari Date’s application process is so tough that less than five percent of male applicants pass muster. The men are expected to have graduated from one of the country’s better universities, have a job in a highly respected profession such as a lawyer or doctor, or for a company employing more than 100 staff, and to be aged between 23 and 39. Well, that’s me out, at least until RocketNews24 takes over the Internet and expands its staff several times over. The conditions for women are a little less stringent; they need to be aged 20 to 26, and have graduated from a university or be currently studying at one.

The official website even gives details of what sort of universities their members graduated from, with nearly 20 percent of the men having graduated from the prestigious Keio University.

As Ikinari Date’s name would suggest, it aims to be rather immediate, though it doesn’t involve jumping out of bushes at passing strangers wielding flowers. Instead of seeing whether you like the look of each other in photo form (a la Tinder) prospects are thrown together on a lunchtime date. Users who pass the test give details of when they’re free to meet, and an Ikinari Date staff member will book a restaurant for your encounter with destiny. This means that one day you could be lonely at home, wondering why you haven’t landed yourself a brain surgeon/member of the landed gentry, and the very same day you could be tucking into lunch with a high-spec man. A high-spec man who also feels the need to use a dating service, but a high-spec man nonetheless.

▼ Love is blind, or at least eyeless.


The Ikinari Date service is currently only available in Tokyo and Osaka and women signing up now will get one date free; usually each date costs 1,500 yen (US$13) a pop. Or, if that doesn’t work out, maybe these lonely ladies could try looking for some otaku love.

Source: Ikinari Date Press Release
Images: Ikinari Date



Instant noodle company combines yakisoba noodles with fermented natto bean topping

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If you’ve been too hesitant to give natto a try, this may be the way to start!

Whether it comes from a festival food stall or from a package at home, stir-fried yakisoba noodles always hit the spot. The dish is usually prepared with thinly sliced carrots and cabbage and bits of pork, tossed together with light chewy noodles flavored with a deliciously tangy, salty sauce.

While the noodles taste great just as they are, sometimes aonori seaweed flakes or pickled ginger are added to the mix. Other times, instant noodle manufacturers like to get creative with their flavors and toppings, and things like Peyoung’s “yakisoba plus natto” comes into existence.

Natto, if you’re not already familiar, is a fermented soybean product touted for its health benefits, but is also infamous for its gym-sock smell and slimy texture. If you’re not a fan of gloopy foods, you’re in luck, because the natto included in this instant noodle creation comes freeze-dried.

▼ The pack’s contents, all laid out


▼ The Yakisoba plus Natto, ready to be eaten

To prepare, simply add the seasoning packet to the noodles with hot water and let sit for three minutes. Once the noodles have rehydrated, strain the water, mix in the sauce packet, and sprinkle with the freeze-dried natto beans.

Yakisoba plus natto is a specially manufactured product for Seven & i Holdings, and is on sale now at 7-Eleven convenience stores and Ito Yokado supermarkets for 185 yen (US$1.60). How does this compare to yakisoba flavors like cilantro, chocolate, or strawberry shortcake? We’ll have to find out for ourselves soon!

Source: Peyoung via BIGLOBE 
Images: Peyoung press release



Don't Call My Dick "Nice (Hot Date)

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Male cosplayer’s virgin-killing sweater photos have Japanese Internet enthralled all over again

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Women are still modeling the sexy outfit too, but today this buff cosplayer is stealing the spotlight.

About a month ago, the Japanese Internet was mesmerized by what it decided to call the virgin-killing sweater.” A backless knit one-piece that showed off ample areas of side-boob, upper thigh, and even teased a glimpse at the butt, the sweater was so sexy that many concluded that men without an outlet for the lusty desires that were stirred by gazing upon it would promptly drop dead.

In case you need a reminder, this is the article of clothing we’re talking about.

What’s that? It’s hard to get a proper feel of just what sort of garment the virgin-killing sweater is from just a single photo? Of course. How inconsiderate of us. Here, have another look.

As you can see, the virgin-killing sweater quickly became a common motif for models and comely cosplayers. Sometimes the sweater was so intensely the focus that the wearer didn’t even bother to show her face.

But fashion trends don’t last forever, so those wanting to ride the wave of virgin-killing sweater popularity have to act while the iron is hot. Cosplayer Yomimate knew this, and so sprang into action, slipping on the sexy little number and posing for the camera.

But what sets Yomimate’s virgin-killing sweater photos apart from so many others is that Yomimate is a dude, and an extremely muscular one at that.

As a matter of fact, Yomimate is part of cosplay group Nikutaizoukeibu, whose members got together at last summer’s Comiket otaku extravaganza in Tokyo dressed as characters from hit game/anime franchise Token Rambu.

Appreciative Internet commenters had the following to say:

“I want him to put me in a sleeper chokehold with those arms of his.”
“Such nice pecs.”
“His arms would be delicious roasted.”
“Yep, looks like he could kill some virgins.”
“Virgin-killing (physically)”

Regarding those last comments, we’re not sure that’s the kind of virgin-killing people were originally thinking of when they gave the sweater its nickname. But then again, the mark of a truly talented model is to make people see the fashion in a whole new way, which Yomimate certainly seems to have done.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@yomimate




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Lip products are the majority of my makeup kit. I literally could save twenty pounds in the weight of my suitcase if I wasn’t so obsessed with lipstick. And I love the look of a gloss, but not a big fan of the goopiness of it. So lip oils have been my favorite discovery of the last year. And especially tinted ones! They are mega moisturizing but not sticky or thick. They’re actually really thin but equally as shiny. They are all I want to wear right now. I like to wear them over a lip liner because even though they’re tinted, they’re sheer. But when you’re looking for a sheer shine with a hint of color, wear them alone and you’ll love that too. Here’s how:



What are your favorite lip oils so far? I’d love to hear because I am obsessed!



Clever Kimonoket combines the style of a kimono with the coziness of a sleeveless blanket

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Samurai-style Snuggie seeks to help travelers fly in comfort.

Sleeved blankets, like the infamous Snuggie, are an odd mixed bag of pros and cons. On the pro side, staying warm when the temperature drops and being able to use your hands are two things that are pretty universally liked. At the same time, there’s no getting around the fact that wearing a sleeved blanket will make you look disheveled, if not outright shiftless.

But the designers of the Kimonoket are looking to address the sleeved blanket’s image problem with their new garment that’s half kimono, half blanket. By slipping your arms through the sleeves and laying the Kimonoket atop your body, you can lounge or doze in both physical and mental comfort, thanks to the soft fabric and fashionable patterns adapted from those of the esteemed Meisen-style kimono that originally captivated fashionable Tokyoites in the Taisho Period of the early 1900s.


While regular kimono are usually made of cotton or silk, the Kimonoket is sewn from terrycloth produced in Ehime Prefecture’s Imabari City, Japan’s leading towel producer. The result promises to be soft, warm, and lightweight. That last point is particularly important, since the Kimonoket’s designers are touting it as a great thing for travelers to take with them on long airplane flights so that they can stay cozy while reading, using a laptop, or doing anything else that they couldn’t with the standard rectangular blankets airlines provide.

In addition, the designers say that the Kimonoket makes for great roomwear when relaxing at home, or can be a great way to keep the sun off your shoulders and upper body during a day at the beach or wandering about a seaside resort.


Two patterns are planned, one with a colorful dahlia pattern (shown on the left in the below image) and the more subdued hawk feather Kimonoket, the latter of which is being billed as a unisex garment.


The Kimonoket is not currently available in stores, and is instead part of an ongoing campaign on Wonder Fly, a crowdfunding website operated by Japanese airline ANA. Tiers with rewards including a Kimonoket start at 16,000 yen (US$140), while packages with two begin at 29,800 yen. The crowdfunding page can be found here, and with almost 90 percent of its 800,000-yen goal already secured with 27 days to go in the campaign, it might not be long until you start seeing air travelers slipping on their Kimonokets as they fly around the globe.

Source: Wonder Fly via Japaaan
Images: Wonder Fly



Have friends? Then you can drink McDonald’s coffee cheaper in Japan!

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In an age where some people have hundreds, or even thousands, of friends on social networking sites, rustling up just three of them will get you a hefty discount.

From March 1, McDonald’s restaurants across Japan will be offering their coffee at discounted rates for groups of two, three or four people ordering together.

A normal medium-sized cup of hot Premium Roast Coffee would usually set you back 150 yen (US$1.33) but buy two with a friend and it drops to 240 yen for both, or 120 yen each. Three’s a crowd, but should you manage to manoeuvre that crowd into line, the prices drops again to 330 yen for three coffees. Finally, if you’re blessed with three whole friends, the four of you can sip away at some sweet joe for a mere 400 yen total.

To take advantage of this offer you’ll need a campaign coupon, which are available via the official McDonald’s app on Android or from the Apple Store, the official Twitter account, or the McDonald’s website.

And for the misanthropic among who have no normal need for friends, where better to start the hunt for a temporary cheap coffee-based relationship than in the queue? Fair-weather friends for the fast food era. The official website mentions nothing about a friendship test, although it may be worth learning some key information just in case. Go for the coffee, stay for the human contact.

▼ Coffee, defier of sleep and now facilitator of friends?


The group coffee discount will run until the end of the March.

Source: Entabe
Top image: McDonald’s
Insert image: ©RocketNews24