Starbucks Japan releases delicious baked apple drinks for the holiday season!【Taste Test】

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The cool Frappuccino and its hot counterpart are some of the sauciest, best looking drinks we’ve ever tasted.

As we enter the festive month of December, Starbucks Japan is continuing to spread the goodwill with another addition to their already delightful range of beverages for the holiday season. The deliciously named Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino and the Crispy Gingerbread Frappuccino were released last month, and now it’s time for the Baked Apple Frappuccino and the Hot Baked Apple to delight our tastebuds in time for the holidays. Our Japanese-language reporter was in line today to try the new drinks as soon as they were released, and was happy to report that the drinks were every bit as delicious as they looked.


The Baked Apple Frappuccino, priced at 540 yen (US$4.72), comes with a delicious mound of freshly whipped cream, topped with a sauce containing an enticing mix of flavours made from baked apples, burnt butter and brown sugar. The sauce is topped off with a sprinkling of crème brûlée powder.


Inside, the cream-based dessert drink is filled with cut pieces of caramel-flavored apple. The crispy, juicy flesh of the sweet fruit is a beautiful embellishment that provides a great texture to the rich-tasting drink.


This all becomes even more delicious when the sauce and the crème brûlée topping are stirred into the creamy base. The hearty flavours of baked apple combine beautifully with the sweeter components, creating a well-balanced blend of fruit and cream. Adding cinnamon at the self-service counter increases the depth of flavour and brings a real wintery touch to the sweet dessert drink.


The Hot Baked Apple (420-540 yen) adapts the concept of American apple cider for the sweeter tastes of the Japanese market, with each cup of original apple juice individually warmed, before being topped with a generous serving of baked apple sauce and crème brûlée powder.


Cinnamon is a great addition to the hot drink, working well to bring out all the flavours of a real baked apple. Perfect for a cold winter’s day, the hot beverage warms the whole body with a delicious, gentle flavour. It’s just like drinking a hot apple!


▼ For an additional flavour boost, the staff suggest adding caramel chunks to the baked apple beverages.


The two baked apple drinks will be available at Starbucks outlets across Japan from 1-25 December. And while you’re there, don’t forget to look out for the new Starbucks puddings, which are limited for sale only in Korea and Japan!

Reference: Starbucks

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Second ramen restaurant in Tokyo receives Michelin star for 2017

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Now there are two Michelin-starred ramen restaurants in the capital, and we lined up to try the signature dish from the latest award-winning eatery.

Last December, Tsuta made international headlines after it became the world’s first-ever ramen restaurant to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star. The acclaimed Michelin dining guide announces its star-winning recipients every year, and on 29 November, it was announced that another ramen restaurant in the Japanese capital would be joining the ranks of the noodle elite, with Nakiryu receiving a star in the guide for 2017.


Tsuta once again received a star this year, and after having tasted their noodles last year, it was now time to head to Nakiryu, located in the same neighbourhood, to see just what type of hearty broth-based dishes could receive such a high honour. The first hurdle to completing our task, however, came before we even reached the front door.


It had only been a day since the Michelin Guide results were announced, and already there was a queue of about 20 people waiting to get in, and this was an hour before the restaurant’s scheduled 11:30 a.m. opening time.


The line didn’t end outside the restaurant either; it grew so much it had to be broken in two, with another queue of people waiting on the other side of the road. By the time the restaurant opened its doors, 50 people were lined up, waiting to fill their bellies with hot noodles.


Thankfully, the time it takes to devour a bowl of noodles is a lot quicker than feasting on a ten-course meal, so it didn’t take too long before our Japanese-language reporter was inside, making his selection from the ticket machine.

▼ It’s not every day you get to use one of these to place an order at a Michelin-starred restaurant.


Nakiryu is renowned for its Dandan noodles, a spicy dish that originates from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, which is filled with minced pork, scallions and a spicy sauce containing chilli oil. As the most popular dish on the menu, this was the one our reporter was eager to try, and after ordering it from the machine, it took just 15 minutes for the food to arrive at his table.


It looked absolutely glorious. The simple ingredients were clearly visible, with the mound of noodles sitting perfectly in the middle of the dish, topped with a serving of scallions and minced meat. What was most striking, however, was the colour of the broth. Dandan noodles usually come served in a reddish-coloured sauce or broth, but these were like nothing he’d ever seen before, with a creamy, orange colour that was glossy and enticing.


Taking a sip of the broth, our reporter was immediately blown away by the exquisite flavours. The soup was thick, yet mild, and after it had passed down the back of the throat, it left a remarkable mixture of deliciously sour and salty flavours on the tongue. How they managed to pack such a flavour punch with a mellow broth like this was truly astounding.


The noodles themselves were also superb. Made by hand, these wheat noodles had a nice bite to them, providing a wonderful, chewy texture to the dish. They mopped up the soup perfectly, creating a gorgeous mix of wheat-and-broth flavours in the mouth.


Rounding everything out with a remarkable balance of flavours and textures were the scallions, minced pork and slivers of nuts, which gave a crunchy accent to the meal. These Dandan noodles truly had everything: a wonderful depth of flavour, deliciously tantalising sour and salty overtones, and a satisfying balance of textures that made it a spectacular dish.


The secret to a truly great ramen is the broth, and this was one of the best our reporter had ever tasted. By the end of the meal, every morsel and every drop of liquid was gone, which was a surprising first for our reporter, who had never before finished all the broth of a spicy Dandan noodle dish. Even after finishing the meal, there was no heavy fullness in his stomach, which is the sign of a quality ramen dish.


At 800 yen (US$6.99), this was an absolute bargain for a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. This is definitely a place worth visiting, but if you don’t want to wait in line for a taste of their famous Dandan noodles, it might not be long before Nakiryu releases a takeaway version of the dish at convenience stores, like fellow Michelin-starred ramen restaurant Tsuta did last year!

Restaurant Information
Nakiryu 鳴龍(なきりゅう)
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Minamiotsuka 2-34-4
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (lunch); 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (dinner Wed – Sun)
Closed Tuesdays

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“Thigh Photography” exhibition opening this month in Tokyo

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New Tokyo “art exhibition” showcasing women’s thighs just in time for Christmas.

“Art” can come in many shapes and forms – this time it is coming to us in the shape of women’s legs, or photography of women’s thighs to be exact.

▼ The World of Thigh Photography 2016-2017 exhibition official flyer


The World of Thigh Photography 2016-2017 exhibition, which is being organized by a company called BACON Co. Ltd. (no that’s not a joke), is the latest instalment from photographer Yuria to be held at the TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. Yuria’s previous exhibition, which was displayed in May, was a general celebration of women’s legs and thighs.

▼ Knee-high thigh art


▼ Thigh art on top of a sofa


▼ Thigh art in school hours


This latest thigh exhibition aims to “sublimate the pursuit of fetishes into art” – sublimate meaning to divert or modify into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity. There will be over “500 art pieces” displayed, including photography taken specifically for this event.

▼ There will also be a special exhibition space with the theme of “hot springs”.


The World of Thigh Photography 2016-2017 official website says the special “hot spring” gallery, which is setup in a space that looks like a hot springs hotel, will “make you feel like you’re in a hot-spring together” and you can enjoy an “abnormal experience” by “getting warm with art”.

Patrons will also have the chance to purchase a wide variety of “thigh art” goods. Get your very own thigh art iPhone case or perhaps a thigh art bookmark is more your style.

▼ Purchase your own thigh art limited goods


If that’s not enough you can also check out Yuria’s earlier works here from 2015. Japan obviously has a strong affinity with legs, with Nice Knee High Socks Day 2016 being vigorously celebrated just recently on November 28. Entry into The World of Thigh Photography 2016-2017 exhibition will set you back 500 yen or about US$4.45.

Event information
The World of Thigh Photography 2016-2017 / ふともも写真の世界展 2016-17
Location: Asakusabashi TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusabashi 5-27-6
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Dates: December 16 – January 22 (closed every Monday, and period between December 31 to January 4, and January 10)
Admission: 500 yen (US$4.45)

Source: LivedoorTODAYS GALLERY STUDIO,, IT Media
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I Went ‘Sensory Speed Dating’ To Learn The Science Behind Attraction

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I’m sitting in the lounge area at the House of Yes. Everything is red. The lighting is red. The tablecloths are red. My face is red.

I’m doing my best to hide my beaming cheeks in the shadows of the lounge area. Soft Cell’s, “Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go?” plays from the speakers overhead.

Rachel, a producer for Guerilla Science, is making her way to the entrance of the dance hall. Her voice overpowers the music for a moment,

Ladies, gentlemen, those who reject the gender binary, come on in. Welcome to ‘Sensory Speed Dating.’ Come on inside. Take a seat close to the stage. Drop your purses, drop your bags, drop your inhibitions.

Speed Dating profile

Elite Daily

People begin to trickle into the dance hall sheepishly. They’re dropping their purses. They’re dropping their bags. I can’t see what they’re doing with their inhibitions all the way from the lounge area, but hopefully they’re leaving those behind too.

Over 70 people of all different races, ages and sexual preferences have come to spend two hours at a speed dating event held in Brooklyn, New York.

But this isn’t your average speed dating event, this is “Sensory Speed Dating.”

Blindfolded Face Touching

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Guerilla Science describes it as “a one-of-a-kind event [that] explores the science of attraction through a range of enticing sensory adventures. Adventurous participants were given the opportunity to smell, hear, taste, touch, see and move their way to a greater understanding of the subconscious processes that drive our behavior and desires.”

Elliot at Sensory Speed Dating

Elite Daily

In the hall, long tables are laid out in a three-by-three grid with room for eight people at each. The tables are equipped with a set of blindfolds, and for the sake of cleanliness, a couple of bottles of Purell.

Chris Duffy, an NYC-based comedian, and Elliot Aguilar, an evolutionary biologist, guide and educate participants through six rounds of (for the most part) blindfolded sensory adventures.

Unlike your typical speed dating event, “the idea isn’t so much to guarantee that you’ll match up with a partner, but it’s to give you this really magical experience where you explore how your other senses are related to attraction,” says Mark Rosin, the co-founder of Guerilla Science.

And from what I saw, he was right. People were doing a whole lot of “exploring,” particularly in the neck regions.

Putting on Blindfolds

Elite Daily

At the end of each round, blindfolded participants were asked to make a secret indication as to their interest in matching with their partners. Matches were catalogued by a group of volunteers and posted publicly at the end of the event.

From what I saw, the crowd seemed to be into the whole concept, and watching blindfolded strangers smell, feed, touch, dance and listen to each other for two hours was pretty entertaining.

The event did a good job at breaking the ice and giving participants something to talk about during and afterward.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get married after a night of “Sensory Speed Dating,” but it sure as hell beats an awkward Tinder date.

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I Went ‘Sensory Speed Dating’ To Learn The Science Behind Attraction

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily


Man in Russian subway station pulls off the scariest (and stupidest?) jump imaginable【Video】

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When most people see a sign warning them not to do something, they see it as just that – a warning. But then there are other people who see it as something else – a challenge.

YouTuber KinotroniX recently uploaded a video showing a man in a Russian subway station disobeying possibly the most important rule of being around trains: not to jump in front of the train. You can watch the short, hair-raising video here:

I… I don’t even know what to say after that. Japan is of course infamous for people jumping in front of trains to commit suicide, but for someone to do it for fun? As a daredevil trick? That’s just unimaginable.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the video:

“That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“What if he just slipped a tiny bit?”
“Well that’s about as extreme as parkour can get I guess.”
“Oh god… just watching made me sick.”
“Are we sure this isn’t fake? It looks like CGI.”

While there hasn’t been anything confirming either the validity or fabrication of the video, for those doubting that there are people crazy enough to do this, we present another sweaty-palm-inducing video made by yet another Russian thrill-seeker in Toronto:

▼ The skyscraper antics of olegcricket have earned him
over 305 thousand followers on Instagram.

So while we don’t know for sure whether the train-jumping video is fake or not, there is certainly a precedent for people doing things that look absolutely crazy.

In the meantime, for those looking for other impressive jumps that aren’t quite as scary, we present the legendary two-person groin-to-chest dive in China. Now that’s a jump made of pure love instead of fear.

Source: YouTube/KinotroniX via Golden Times
Top image: YouTube/Kinotronix