Mop up your spring sniffles with Rose of Versailles-themed tissues (plus, merchandise range)

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Blowing your nose doesn’t have to be boring! Take advantage of the hayfever season and soak up the snot with these cute, shojo-manga-themed tissues.

In Japan, manufacturers never miss a chance to make the mundane into something cute. Whether it’s kitty kitchen knives, cat paw mouses, or magic umbrellas, if it exists, it can be cutesified. For profit! And now, cashing in on the high number of pollen suffers in Japan coupled with a high sense of nostalgic fondness for tween manga, these Rose of Versailles tissues have arrived on the market to mop up that spring snot.

The tissues themselves are fairly standard, but the boxes are worth the price. Each box features a beautiful illustration of one of the characters from Riyoko Ikeda’s much-loved series. Oscar, Andre and Antoinette are all crying gorgeously in the illustrations, almost imploring you to mop up their tears. Or your own, as the case may be.

The tissues are just part of a larger range of Rose of Versailles goods, including these gorgeous preserved roses presented in illustrated packaging. The roses will last without water for several years, which makes them a very popular gift in Japan.

Here’s some of the other merchandise that’s available:

▼ Stationery sets, postcards and letter sets.

▼ Preserved roses, tissues, tumblers, pins and totes


▼ See anything you like?


Most of the goods will become available at chain store Kiddy Land, but from March 31 a special store called PONMOP has opened on the seventh floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, and it will introduce new items in the range sequentially. Those who buy more than one item at PONMOP will receive a complimentary Rose of Versailles postcard, as seen below. (Limited to the first 200 customers each day.)

So colourful!

Source and images: PR Times

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Newly opened restaurant in Osaka boasts a new evolution of okonomiyaki

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okono 8

Your mind will say, “How beautiful,” but your stomach will say, “Let’s eat!”

Okonomiyaki and teppanyaki are classic examples of Japanese cuisine that travelers look forward to eating when they visit. While okonomiyaki is literally an “as you like it” savory pancake, teppanyaki is whatever you like grilled to perfection on a flat grill. They’re both delicious dishes that vary slightly from restaurant to restaurant, allowing each chef to put their own personal spin on it.

Now a new establishment is gaining a ton of attention as it appears to be serving okonomiyaki, but it’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

okono 10

▼ As opposed to having the veggies all mixed in, they’re placed deliciously on top.

okono 3

▼ It’s too perfect.

okono 8

▼ The egg is magnificent.

okono 11

This classy new restaurant in Osaka is called Umami Teppan Kingyo. The vegetables come directly from individual farmers while the meats come from a butcher with over 100 years of service. If you think their (r)evolutionary okonomiyaki looks good, take a look at some of their other popular dishes.

▼ Teppan Steak!

okono 1

▼ Tosaaka Beef on a salt plate

okono 9

▼ Beautiful cuts of meat along with beautiful plating

okono 12

▼ Even the raw food is mouth-watering.

okono 2

okono 7

▼ The freshest ingredients make for great food.

okono 6

All of the dishes look like works of art with large, bright pieces of food that appear to be bursting with flavor. This definitely seems like a fun place to try out a bold, new style of okonomiyaki as well as some tasty grilled fare. If you are in the area, make sure you bring an empty stomach, because if the food tastes half as good as it looks, you are never going to want to stop eating.

Restaurant information
Umami Teppan Kingyo / うまみTeppan金魚
Address: Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Dojima 1-3-20, Sakaguchi Building 1st Floor
大阪市北区堂島1-3-20 阪口ビル1F
Open 6 p.m.-3 a.m.
Closed Sundays and holidays

Source: Entabe
Images: Guru Navi

Origin: Newly opened restaurant in Osaka boasts a new evolution of okonomiyaki
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Japanese police departments show comedic and dramatic sides while luring new graduates

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Police departments in Osaka, Fukuoka, Oita, and Tokyo are reminding potential recruits that a career in law enforcement promises drama, power, mystery and yes, monkeys.

First let’s look at Osaka’s offering:

▼ “Let’s go! Now I can show my strength!!”

This poster was very well received with people who said it draws you in with the feeling of a first-person shooter video game. It certainly appears gritty in its portrayal of what it takes to be a police officer.

However, if you look really closely at the suspect running away, his way of running is rather strange isn’t it? Furthermore, you can barely make out on his back a furoshiki (cloth used to carry things) with an arabesque pattern.

In Japan this is the trademark outfit of a typical cartoon thief, the equivalent to a guy with a horizontally striped black and white top carrying a bag with a dollar sign on it in America.

Osaka people rarely pass up a chance to make a joke when the opportunity arises and it looks as if the boys and girls in blue there are no different.

On the other hand, Fukuoka’s poster has a more polished appearance…too polished perhaps. Despite knowing that this was a recruitment poster in a tweet explicitly stating it was a recruitment poster, I still could have sworn I was looking at a movie poster.

▼ “Not alone. We are a team.”

Yes, a career in the Fukuoka Prefectural Police means joining the ranks of Soari Yamaguchi, a junior detective trying to prove herself in the male-dominated work culture as she’s protected by the enigmatic weapons expert Kazuma Nakamura to whom she finds herself increasingly attracted. This is all much to the dismay of Detective Keizo Ishii who loves Yamaguchi secretly from afar and could offer her the stable life and relationship she desires…if only she could just see it.

And then there Senior Detective Toshimitsu Kadoya with a kind heart but a short fuse when it comes to avenging the innocent. He suspects that his colleague Detective Koki Asada is involved in a drug ring being run by corrupt cops. Because of this, Kadoya’s former partner Michiko Aoki has postponed her retirement to keep the fiery Kadoya in check as they conduct an investigation by the book, lest his rage gets out of control and brings the entire Fukuoka Police crumbling to the ground.

Or maybe not… That’s just the impression of the Fukuoka Prefecture Police that I got from the poster.

Tokyo, on the other hand, didn’t leave room for such assumptions by producing an entire 11-minute semi-dramatic presentation of their police force dubbed in three different languages (hilariously I might add) and featuring real law enforcement personnel as the actors.

This video actually doesn’t mention recruitment of university students, however, and was reportedly made to demonstrate how safe Tokyo is to people around the world.

Meanwhile, Oita Prefecture forewent any sort of drama or intrigue and went the other route in its recruitment poster.

▼ “I heard I could meet some good people.”

Now this might look silly, but as Officer Taro Onsen (“Hot Spring Guy”) will tell you, Oita is home to not only the most hot springs in the country but also the best. Thinking of that, what better way to unwind from the stressful work of law enforcement than a soak in one of the thousands of nearby spas?

It’s not clear how well these types of ads actually boost recruitment numbers, but they’re certainly eye catching. With any luck they’ll attract Japan’s best and brightest, because despite what the Police Academy movies have taught us, slackers and ne’er-do-wells simply don’t belong in such positions.

Source: Twitter/@ichika_0927  via Wadai No Gazo
Top image: Twitter/@ichika_0927
Insert images: AmazonIrasutoya, Amazon (2) (edited by RocketNews24)

Origin: Japanese police departments show comedic and dramatic sides while luring new graduates
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