Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter For Worst Date Stories And These 12 People Totally Deliver

If you thought that terrible date you went on was just a horrible story you’re going to one day share with your grandchildren when they prepare to enter the dating world, THINK AGAIN.

There’s a chance your horrible first date story could make it on the small screen for everyone in the world to see.

Jimmy Fallon is asking people to share their worst date stories under the hashtag #MyWorstDate on Twitter for an upcoming show.

To get the ball rolling, Jimmy even shared his own worst first date story.

If you don’t get what he’s talking about, he was referring to his PAINFULLY awkward “date he didn’t realize was a date” with Nicole Kidman.

Yep, honestly, it was pretty cringeworthy.

But h Jimmy’s worst almost-date with one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood is NOTHING compared to some of these people’s date horror stories.

Read along to hear these Twitter users’ absolutely awful worst date stories and cringe away.

Well, she thought it was a date.

He literally forgot who his date was.

His friend set him up with his COUSIN.

She tried to kiss him with a mouth full of ranch.

He left her at Taco Bell.

His date laughed in his face when he asked to kiss her.

This girl’s date basically did everything he possibly could wrong.

She had to pay because her date lost all his money gambling.

Her date barfed on her after drinking a pint of beer.

His date clearly escalated pretty quickly.

And then, there’s this guy.

OK, so clearly, some people out there have had some pretty bad first dates. So if your worst date doesn’t come anywhere close to these stories, consider yourself lucky.

But do you have your own horrible date story that you still cringe just thinking about? Comment below!

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Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter For Worst Date Stories And These 12 People Totally Deliver

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily

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Amazing Twitter artist makes moving manga that’s neither anime nor like anything seen before【Vid】

Innovative awesomeness utilizes one simple trick.

Japanese artist @shin___geki is not an animator, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. He doesn’t draw a character, then redraw it again in an ever so slightly different pose, then play the images in rapid succession.

That said, he is a talented artist, and his drawings are made all the more awesome through motion. In the past, we’ve seen him illustrate scenes from the Dragon Ball and One Piece manga on the side of a paper cup, then twist the container to advance the story by revealing other artwork hidden behind cut-out panels.

For his latest endeavor, @shin___geki is once again turning his imagination to the superpowered martial artists of Dragon Ball. But this time he’s ditched the cups, and has made something even more incredible. As a matter of fact, the video of his latest art-in-motion project is so amazing, at first it’s hard to tell how what you’re seeing is even possible.

The video opens with protagonist Goku facing the viewer and posing dramatically as he builds up his inner chi power.

Then, suddenly, the artwork is replaced by a different image of Goku, firing off a Kamehameha energy blast! The beam is so intense that it obscures Goku, and as the camera swings around in a blur of speed lines, we see the blast’s target: Vegeta!

Still showing the action from the Kamehameha’s perspective, the attack strikes Vegeta square in the chest, sending him flying. It’s an awesome effect that’s unlike still manga, but not traditional anime either.

So how does @shin___geki do it? There’s a hint lying in the soft popping sounds heard throughout the video, which occur because…

… @shin___geki is moving the camera (on his phone) through a series of thin paper cutouts sticking up perpendicular to the floor!

For the first half, the camera is moving backwards, which is why the Kamehameha energy blast seems to materialize out of nowhere. After Goku fires off the attack the camera swivels around and moves forward for the rest of the video, literally crashing into Vegeta and revealing the subsequent drawings of him being blown away.

@shin___geki says that the finished product didn’t turn out quite as good as he’d hoped, which he adds is the case with most of his projects. That hasn’t stopped thousands of people from enjoying his innovative new video, though, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter/@shin___geki


11 Fun Summer Date Ideas For The Couple Who’s Broke

With summer just around the corner, most of us can’t wait to soak up those beautiful rays of sunshine, dive into the deep blue, and plan weekend trips with bae and our girlfriends.

Our wallets, though, aren’t entirely thrilled about the idea of dishing out cash to satisfy those glorious summer feels.

When you and bae are simply broke AF, the struggle can be all too real.

But, date night doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and odds are, you’ll have a great time with your main squeeze no matter what you’re doing. Embrace those summer vibes and let the sparks fly, without breaking the bank.

Here are 11 fun summer date ideas for every couple who’s broke.

1. Plan a backyard campfire and movie night.

Set up a picnic blanket or comfy outdoor chairs, and watch the sun set together before you turn on your movie. Don’t forget the popcorn and s’mores, too!

2. Savor a romantic potluck picnic in the field.

Lay out at your go-to favorite spot together, or choose a beautiful park or garden neither of you have been to before.

Bae can surprise you with a delightful main course, and you can whip up something delicious for dessert. Chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne, anyone?

3. Have an at-home dinner date.

Whether you’re whipping up a couple of yummy pizzas, or putting together some sushi rolls, the best part is that you’re working together to create something awesome (and delicious).

4. Hit up a free local music or art festival.

couple gazing into each other's eyes at music festival


Soak up the exquisite art, dance to the live music, and let the good times roll.

5. Go on a hike.

If you have dogs at home, feel free to bring the fur babies along with you. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and, of course, several pouches of wine to toast when you reach the top.

6. Grab a six-pack and watch the sun set at the beach.

This one never gets old, and it’s just as romantic every damn time.

7. Go surfing or paddle boarding.

If either you or your honey have a surfboard or paddle board, go to your favorite beach, chill out, and shred up the waves for the day.

8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter.

You’ll feel amazing experiencing this together. And, who knows, maybe you’ll end up adopting a sweet puppy in need of a forever home.

9. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and treat yo’selves to pizza on the other side.

If you’re based in New York City, of course, this is a perfect option. And if you call the West Coast home, bike ride or walk over the Golden Gate Bridge.

10. Plan a scavenger hunt around your city or town.

Explore spots you’ve never been before in your city, and have fun getting lost together.

11. Go to a local carnival.

Revert back to your childhood, indulge in some cotton candy, and hit up the ferris wheel. Real talk: We all low-key still love the carnival.

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11 Fun Summer Date Ideas For The Couple Who’s Broke

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily

Hugh Jackman speaks Japanese, pulls up next to Mario Kart drivers on the road during Japan visit

From the look of these videos he shot, Wolverine is in love with Japan.

Like in any country, a film premiere in Japan is a rare opportunity for fans to see their favourite movie stars in the flesh, and it’s also a chance for the actors themselves to enjoy the sites of the country they’re visiting during their short stay.

The latest Hollywood star to grace our shores in Japan is Australian actor Hugh Jackman. In town to promote his new movie Logan, Jackman received a huge welcome from fans and media when he arrived with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, at Narita Airport on Sunday.

Jackman’s followers on Twitter and Instagram would have known about his arrival after the actor posted a short video message to fans on his social media accounts. Showing his desire to connect with his Japanese fans, Jackman spoke entirely in Japanese, saying “Watakushi wa Nihon de kuru to eiga tame ureshii desu“, which, despite some tiny hiccups with particles and pronunciation, translates to “I’m happy to come to Japan for (my) movie“.

While his onscreen alter-ego Wolverine would probably opt to use the tough, macho “orepronoun to refer to himself, Jackman uses the beautifully polite “watakushi” in his video message instead.

Instagram Photo

Before attending the film premiere, Jackman had time to dine at some of Tokyo’s best restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Sushi Sugita in Nihonbashi…

Instagram Photo

And Narisawa, located in Minami Aoyama, which currently ranks second on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, and first in Japan.

Instagram Photo

He also popped by the new Ginza Six complex, pulling a peace-sign pose by the digital waterfall.

Instagram Photo

His wife joined him on his sightseeing tour, with this picture showing them outside a store selling traditional items.

Instagram Photo

Aussies will know the feeling of joy that comes with finding a good flat white in Japan, and Jackman found this one at Australian-owned restaurant Bill’s in Tokyo.

Instagram Photo

While the famous actor managed to see and do a lot during his short stay, one of the things that seemed to surprise him most was an encounter with a group of Mario Kart drivers who pulled up next to his chauffeur-driven van. He shared this video of them online, gleefully pointing out all the characters as they took off, saying: “Princess Peach!” “Is that Bowser?” “Go Mario!” “Go Luigi!” “Go! Go, go, go, go!”

▼ These tourists had no idea they were being filmed by a famous Hollywood star.

Instagram Photo

After having fun around the capital, Jackman and his wife appeared at the red carpet premiere of Logan, happily signing autographs for fans who’d waited a long time to catch a glimpse of the film’s main character in real life.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

His latest update online, where Jackman can be seen pointing at a poster for Kurosawa’s acclaimed film Yojimbo, comes with the hashtag #LastStop, suggesting that Wolverine is now on his way out of Japan.

Instagram Photo

Jackman’s Japan visit concludes his worldwide promo tour for Logan, the third and final solo film for the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. Having been attached to the superhero character for so long, this must be a bittersweet ending for the star, but thankfully he still has plenty more films to promote up his sleeve so it shouldn’t be too long before we get to see him having fun in Japan again!

Source, featured image: Instagram/thehughjackman