Why settle for a bento box, when you can have a full-on bento backpack?

Japan’s iconic boxed lunch serves as inspiration for a bag big enough to hold multiple meals.

Most people with a fondness for Japanese food or culture have heard of bento boxes, the stylish and convenient containers into which traditional Japanese boxed lunches are placed. But if our love of bento is so big you can’t fit it all into lunchtime, what you need is a Bento Backpack.

Available from Village Vanguard, retailers extraordinaire of things many would never have imagined existing, the Bento Backpack  is, sadly, not a gigantic set of actual edibles. But on the bright side, it has plenty of space to carry take-out in, since it’s 40 centimeters (15.8 inches) tall by 25 wide and 17 deep, making it pretty huge by Japanese standards.

The clear vinyl covering opens to grant you access to three removable zippered pouches bearing lifelike images of trusty bento favorites.

As with any bento, the thing that ties everything together is the rice, which as per the orthodox style has a pickled plum sitting in the center of it.

Of course, no one wants to eat a bento that’s just rice, so you also get some okazu, as the non-rice parts of a Japanese meal are called. For the Bento Backpack, those come in the form of karaage fried chicken, tamagoyaki omelets, grilled salmon, thin-sliced carrots with burdock root, and sesame spinach.

▼ There’s also a side pocket, though it lacks any sort of food theme.

The Bento Backpack can be ordered here through Village Vanguard’s online shop, with shipping scheduled for late September. Priced at 5,940 yen (US$54) it’s a little more expensive than the sliced toast backpack the company previously offered, but the extra outlay for the Bento Backpack gets you something that represents, visually anyway, more balanced nutrition.

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Fine art painters become fine anime boys in new romance video game Palette Parade

Boyish da Vinci and van Gogh have special relationships with friends Michelangelo and Gauguin.

The Japanese anime and video game industries often turn their eyes to history when designing characters that they hope will turn audiences’ eyes to their titles. Thus we have franchises such as Kantai Collection (historical warships reimagined as schoolgirls), Touken Ranbu (historical swords reimagined as hot guys), and Uma Musume (historical race horses reimagined as idol singers).

And now comes an idea that, in hindsight, seems obvious; taking artistic inspiration from historical artists. Palette Parade, a currently in-development smartphone and PC game from developer Silicon Studio puts the player in the role of a woman who answers a help-wanted ad from the Palette Art Museum, and who ends up working alongside a reverse harem of handsome young men based on some of history’s most influential Western painters as they attempt to turn around their underperforming institution.

So far, four characters have been announced, starting with Vincent van Gogh, “The Painter Who Burns with Passion.”

▼ Van Gogh, naturally, has a hairstyle that covers his left ear.

Van Gogh, whose goal is to “make everyone smile like sunflowers” through his paintings, is described as energetic, but also as someone who can’t be talked out of something once he makes up his mind, and also as having a special bond with his pal Paul Gauguin, mirroring the cordial relationship between the two real-life artists.

Any romantic video game needs a variety of personality types to appeal to the widest possible fanbase, and so diametrically opposing van Gogh is Gustave Courbet, “The Delusion-Hating Realist,” a cool-headed and logical painter who refuses to paint anything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes.

The image of Leonardo da Vinci that most people have in their mind’s eye is of an elderly bearded man. Palette Parade turns this idea on its head by depicting him as an effeminate “Smiling Genius Boy,” a child prodigy with talents in myriad fields. Calm and caring (and also an anachronism, as he was born four centuries before the other announced characters), da Vinci’s character profile also says that he has a different side of himself that he only shows to Michelangelo.

And finally, the last character to be revealed so far is Pierre-Auguste Renoir, “The Fun-Loving Man Whose Policy Is to Take It Easy.” Cheerful and at ease, Renoir sometimes bewilders those around him with his unguarded manner of speaking, and is friends with his classmates Claude Monet and Frederic Bazille.

Three more characters are set to join the cast, who can be seen in the promotional image at the top of this article. While their names haven’t been revealed, Michelangelo, Gauguin, Monet and Bazile all seem like likely candidates, given their mentions in the other characters’ bios.

Palette Parade is slated for a summer 2018 release, which is an unusual amount of lead-up time for the launch of a smartphone game. Given the art style, though, related projects, such as anime and manga adaptations, as well as merchandise, are probably also things the producers are working on, and besides, as any of these characters would tell you, great art takes time.

Source: Palette Parade official website, Dengeki Online via Anime News Network/Lynzee Loveridge
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Video of Japanese man approaching “schoolgirl” on street is creepy, but not for expected reason

It’s not what it looks like, and for more reasons than one.

Japanese Twitter user @kadotaitsuki recently shared a video with his followers, accompanied by the simple message “I said hi to this high school girl.” In and of itself, that might not be so bad, but it’s a little unsettling when you take into consideration that @kadotaitsuki is a full-grown man, and in the video he’s attempting to engage an apparently disinterested sailor-suited individual with shoulder-length hair who’s walking down the street.

Then you watch the video, and see @kadotaitsuki pursuing his intended conversation partner’s backpack, while calling out, “Hey, you there, miss,” then following up with “Hey, come on,” when he gets ignored. You might think that things are about to get creepy, and they indeed are, though not in the way that most people would expect.

Seeing that much stubble on a “schoolgirl” would have been a shock anyway, but the fact that the man’s face emerges from what until moments ago looked exactly like the back of a teenager’s head is what really produces the gasps and laughs the video has been getting, with online comments including:

“What a horrific twist.”
“This would be soooo freaky if it happened to you at night.”
“Whoa, I think my heart stopped for a moment there!”
“You know, I figured it was gonna be a dude…but I also thought he’d have to turn around.”

Yet another commenter pointed out a similarity between the star of the video and the character Nukesaku, from anime/manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

▼ Nukesaku

Those with more classical tastes might also notice a similarity with futakuchi onna, a monster appearing in Japanese folktales that looks like an ordinary woman, but has a second mouth set in the back of her head.

In the end, the video is still pretty startling, but at least it’s a case of @kadotaitsuki trolling for laughs, not cruising for high school chicks.

Source: Jin
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Oreo crepes and cream puffs coming to Japan as sandwich cookies get their own dessert line

Four new sweets arrive in stores next week.

Traditionally, there have been two ways to eat Oreos. You can either bite right into them, or you can split open the sandwich cookies, lick their cream filling, and then eat the chocolate biscuits on their own.

But new Oreo options open up this August, as the beloved cookies are getting their own dessert line in Japan, with four tempting treats that make use of the marque ingredient.

Starting things off is the Oreo cream puff, priced at 120 yen (US$1.10) which is filled with Oreo bits and a special whipped cream custard.

Because Japan never met a crepe it didn’t like, there’s also an Oreo crepe with crushed Oreos and vanilla cream (130 yen).

Arguably the most decadent of the bunch is the eclair (120 yen), which takes the crepe’s cookie and cream filling and adds in a generous portion of white chocolate

And finally, the roll cake, as Japan calls Swiss rolls, wraps vanilla cream with Oreo pieces in black cocoa sponge, and is available in two-slice (130 yen) or six-slice (360 yen) packages, depending on how hungry or willing to share you are.

The entire lineup goes on sale August 1 at supermarkets and drug stores in Japan, though the northern island of Hokkaido is being left out of the fun, for some reason. The Oreo sweets will be available for a limited time, so get them while you can before you have to go back to making your own.

Source, images: PR Times
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People Reveal Their Absolute Weirdest Deal Breakers & Yeah, They're Pretty Strange

This Is The Type Of Guy He Is, Based On His Tinder Profile Pics

I have one relationship deal breaker: I absolutely will never date anyone who has been to Burning Man. I do not care if you are the kindest, most compassionate person in the world, who routinely reads handwritten poetry to orphans and helps old ladies cross the street. You're simply out of the running in the very high-demand race to my heart!

Nevertheless, it appears that a large population of men on dating apps have attended the festival, based on their profile photos, at least. Maybe they all go together and have a photoshoot? I do not know.

But some other themes I have noticed in guys' Tinder photos? Guys on rock climbing walls. Guys holding puppies. Guys surrounded by women at the club. And of course, the man in a backpack staring longingly into a waterfall. Is he dating the waterfall? Potentially.

I know guys say the same thing about women — why are we all doing yoga and posing with our heads cocked and our hands on our hip, blah blah blah? We're all guilty. But here are the types of guys you'll find on dating apps, and what their typical Tinder pics say about them.

1. Polyamorous Guy Who Vapes

guy in hat who is vaping


If a guy is vaping in his Tinder profile picture or says that he is 4/20 friendly, then I have tracked the analytics (I math good), and he is definitely also polyamorous.

The good thing about dating a guy who vapes, though, is that on special occasions, such as Valentine's Day, he can blow you smoke rings in the shape of hearts or cupid's arrows. Vape guy is romantic, 4/20 friendly, and his favorite movie is Fast and the Furious.

2. Guy Holding A Gun



If you see this guy on Tinder, his bio probably reads a little something like this:

Hi. My name is Chad. My friends call me The Chad because out of all people named Chad (we are all in a private Facebook group), I was voted the best of them. I am a member of every Fraternity because I am that good at beers and also babes. Additionally, I definitely voted for Trump.

Finally, although I own a gun, I have no actual training on how to use it.

Swipe right on me, though, because this gun makes me seem masculine and powerful. Also, I will want to split the meal at dinner, and I will definitely send you a dick pick.

3. Shirtless Bathroom Selfie Guy Who Shows Off Those Pelvic Line Things

shirtless guy in the shower blurry


What are those pelvic line things? Do they have a name? I need to be honest, I like them. Does everyone have them? I feel like I have never seen them in real life, so that must mean not everyone has them. Do men contour their pelvic line things on?

Anyway, the thing about “shirtless bathroom selfie pelvic line thing” guy is that he forgot to clean up his bathroom before taking his shirtless pelvic line thing picture. Hey, bro, your toilet paper roll is empty. Time to replenish! Additionally, his shower door is open, and you can see that he uses Selsun Blue, which is the shampoo people use when they have dandruff.

Swipe left on pelvic line guy and just go watch Magic Mike instead, you horny person.

4. Guy Holding A Fish

merman under the water


The guy holding a fish wants you to know one thing: Dude knows how to nature. He is one with the sea. He is not afraid of worms or gutting things, and he can provide you with meals should there be some sort of zombie apocalypse, and all the grocery stores close, and there is no more Postmates.

How does fish guy smell though? I do not know.

5. Emo Guy With Tattoos

tattooed hands with rings and leather jacket


Emo guy with tattoos is a nihilist. He read Nietzsche once, loves Fall Out Boy, and will talk to you about it at length over whiskey on the rocks because he loves whiskey.

He has one picture of himself on a motorcycle, but he will never tell you whether or not that is actually his motorcycle. He also loves Bukowski. Has he told you that yet? Bukowski is the greatest. Have you read Bukowski's Women? It's prolific.

6. Guy In Front Of A Private Jet

guy getting off of a private jet


This Tinder photo screams, “I definitely do not have a private jet.” Picture of a private jet guy got invited on a private jet for the day and held everyone up by asking to take a million pictures in front of it. He's the same guy who goes to a car dealership, takes a photo in front of a Ferrari for his Tinder profile, and then splits, because he thinks women will be attracted to a photo of a guy in front of a Ferrari.

Wealth whispers. It doesn't scream, “Look at me. I own a private jet, and I am on a free dating app used primarily for hookups.” A real private jet guy would be on Millionaire Matchmaker. Hellooo!

If you recognize any of these guys from Tinder, run. Just match with a guy who is holding a puppy or something, OK?

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This Is The Type Of Guy He Is, Based On His Tinder Profile Pics

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